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How to add Shaking hover effect on post image

Hey Folks,
I am up with another interesting tutorial of CSS. In this tutorial, we will learn how to shake an image using CSS when hover on the image. So you must have seen ads on many websites. As soon as you take your pointer to the ad, it starts shaking.

How to add Shaking hover effect on post image

Code to shake an image on hover using CSS

  1. Log in to your blogger account
  2. Open theme menu then click edit html.
  3. Copy the following css  then add it in <b:skin> 
  4.  After that save the template

I hope you understand the code well. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comments section. Now you can run the code on your browser to see the result. You can see the image shake when you hover on it.


If You have any doubt , let me know