Latest Snow Effect for Blogger/Blogspot

Beautifying the appearance of the blog by adding effects such as falling snow, falling leaves and falling stars can give a beautiful impression and the blog will look more alive. This is one way to decorate or beautify the look of the blog so that visitors feel happy and at ease to visit your blog that contains snow, leaves or stars that fall continuously without stopping from the top of the screen.

Latest Snow Effect for Blogger/Blogspot

How to Make the Latest Snow Effect on a Blog

1. Make the effect of falling snow, leaves and falling stars like the picture above by entering the Template menu and clicking Edit HTML.

2. Then look for the code </body> , use ctrl + f to make the search easier

3. After that, enter the following script directly above the code </body>

4. After that add this css 

5. Click save on your template.


Thank you for visiting hopefully useful for all of you.

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