How To Speed ​​Up Blog Loading By Removing Default Blogger Script

On this occasion I will share a tutorial on  How to Speed ​​Up Blog Loading By Removing the Default Blog Script . Some people are not aware that the script can slow down loading your blog. Actually this method does not delete but replaces with a new script.

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Speed ​​up Blog Loading - The  speed of loading a page will give a positive value in the field of seo on page because if a blog has a slow loading will make visitors feel bored, even visitors will close the blog before the loading time is over and move to another page which according to him provides information .

How To Speed ​​Up Blog Loading By Removing Default Blog Scripts

1. Please login to blogger.com using your Gmail.
2. Enter the THEME menu > click Edit HTML .
3. Please find the code below.
Download The Code - https://gplinks.in/41int3WX

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