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How to Overcome Android Games Close Suddenly

How to Overcome Android Games Close Suddenly
How to Overcome Android Games Close Suddenly 

Today there are quite a lot of games with very good graphics quality. Very good graphics also require high device specifications as well. Thus, these games can be played smoothly. If the game with high graphic quality is played on an inadequate Android device, then there will be a sudden game of force close or exit.
Some of the following tips can be done to avoid the presence of game disruptions suddenly close or exit yourself when playing it, without having to uninstall some games or other applications.

1. Download and install games directly from the Google Play Store

The first thing needs to be ensured that the game is actually downloaded through the Google Play Store. Why should you download or install it directly from the Google Play Store, because it will avoid the potential for malware entering the application intentionally or unintentionally. Thus, Android devices or smartphones are more secure or protected.

2. Adjust the game to smartphone specifications

One of the most important causes of a game not being played or even frequently coming out / closing suddenly is a discrepancy between the specifications desired by the game on an Android smartphone. There is no need to impose too much will on the application with high graphics, while the Android smartphone specification is quite mediocre. The specifications in question are the processor, GPU and RAM versions. 

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3. Clean / clear smartphone RAM

In addition to the two previous things, another cause that makes the game often come out on its own when it is being played is because "garbage" in RAM has accumulated very much. Then doing clear or cleaning RAM needs to be done. When you want to clean RAM, make sure to first close all applications or games that you just opened on your smartphone. Then start cleaning RAM through the Security menu or task manager.

4. Clean / clear cache

If the "junk" in the RAM has been cleared, then the next is to clear the cache, in every application or game that you play often. To do this, please go to the Settings menu or After, select the installed application, open the application / game that you want to clear the cache, then select the clear / clear cache button. Another way to clear the cache is to use third-party applications, such as Clean Master. 

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5. Reboot or restart the smartphone

After doing some of the above, it is recommended to reboot or restart the Android HP. This needs to be done to improve the performance of smartphone tasks. But there, you can continue playing the game that often comes out earlier. 

Such is information about how to overcome an Android smartphone / HP that often comes out on its own or suddenly closes while playing a game . Hopefully useful and your problem is resolved.

If You have any doubt , let me know