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How To Get iOS Type Status Bar On Your Android Device

How To Get iOS Type Status Bar On Your Android Device

How To Get iOS Type Status Bar On Your Android Device: 

We have shared many tricks and customization tutorials on Android. An Android operating system is based on Linux and since it’s open source we can do lots of cool stuff.

Here in this article, we are going to share another awesome trick that will allow you to get the flat style bar indicators on any Android smartphone. If we talk about Flat Style bar, iPhone carries this type of status bar.

However, we need to have a rooted Android smartphone to get an iOS type Status bar on our Android smartphone. The tutorial is going to be easy and just needed a rooted smartphone along with Xposed installer to get the iOS type Status bar.

Here’s how to get an iOS type Status bar on your Android device

1) As we already mentioned, you need to have a rooted Android smartphone. So, if you need to root, you can follow this article. To install Xposed, you need to follow this article.
2) Download and install Flat Style Bar indicators on your Rooted android smartphone from Google Play Store.
Flat Style Bar Indicators
Developer: Igor A. Bocharov
Price: Free+ 
3) Make sure to enable the app in the Xposed Installer and then open the app and you will see the homepage of the app.

After enabling the module, you will see the iOS type Status bar on your Android smartphone. You can customize it as per your wish.

If You have any doubt , let me know